Precision Oncology

The Precision Oncology module outlines i) the scientific basis for precision oncology research, and ii) precision oncology tools (e.g., diagnostic molecular tests) available in routine clinical settings and in development.

Most modules require a 2.2 degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience.

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N.B It is a requirement that applicants have good computing skills, basic programming, and a solid foundation in statistics and mathematics

Upon completion of the module, learners will be able to

1. Understand how precision oncology helps doctors to select the right targeted treatment in the right dose at the right time for each patient based on the genetic and molecular understanding of their individual disease.

2. Develop a multidisciplinary mindset to understand precision oncology research, and to be able to translate it into the clinic. 3. Understand the basic concepts of the technologies/platforms (e.g., genomics, proteomics etc.) used in precision oncology.

4. Be able to interpret the genetic, genomic, and other molecular data generated; and recognize actionable targets, predictive and prognostic markers.

5. Identify the main molecular diagnostic tests currently used in clinical practice; and be aware of molecular tests coming down the line.

6. Understand the importance of multidisciplinary approaches in patient care; understand the diagnostic work-up of a cancer patient, the role of the pathologist and bioinformatician in making a precise diagnosis; the impact of this diagnosis on the subsequent treatment of the patient.

Learn from world renowned academic staff in Ireland’s leading, future focused and globally recognised colleges.

Gain an accredited NFQ qualification/micro credential that you may count towards a full award if you so wish in the future.

Previous modules may be used as recognition of prior learning towards Advance Centre degree programmes.

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