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Course Application


In order to apply for all courses (single CPD module and full time/part time courses)  you will need to  go to our Advance  website: and select from the course catalogue.

You can either go to an individual course catalogue or to the All courses menu. Click the Apply button which will bring you to the application system- for an individual course (CPD modules) or to an online application  for a full time or part time course.

You will be asked to complete the course requirements form. Once you meet the requirements you will be contacted by the team.

Please see for UCD coursers we developed useful information on Advance Centre Student Journey to help you with the process.


You will need to hold an  honours undergraduate degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum upper second class honours or international equivalence in a relevant STEM programme. You will be asked to write your statement of interest why you want to study. For some courses there is a minimum work experience requirement. If you have any questions or concerns regarding eligibility criteria please contact us at and a member of the team will be happy to respond.


For a full time/part time course you will be typically asked to submit a copy of your undergraduate  transcript.


Course Start Dates/Academic Year

Majority of the full time/part time courses are run based on academic term, starting in September and some in January (ie. in UCD). Depending on the offer you can take an individual single module (CDP course) in September trimester or in January trimester.


Key dates depend on the individual  institution where you take the course.

UCD key dates please see here

Atlantic TU dates please see here

TU Dublin dates please see here

1 trimester is 15 weeks and involves 125 hours of student work in the case of study for credit. Some UCD courses are offered twice  per year in trimester format, with start dates in January, and September.


Semester 1 runs from September to December and semester 2 runs from January to May.



There are a number of options depending on what stage of study you are with the course. If you decided at the start of the course  you can take Leave of Absence (LOA) or Withdraw (WD) from it


In UCD a student can take LOA or WD from the course until certain numbers of weeks with no fee implications. More information on LOA can be found here , similarly for policy on WD please check here.

Please contact the Advance Centre at first if you would like to proceed with any of the above options.

Course Fees/Payment

You will be able to pay via booking/application system once your application has been approved


For individual CPD modules you will need to pay  in one installment. For full time & part time courses, which are longer than one trimester  you can pay in installments.


If you want to cancel your course you will need to contact the team first. It links with the deadlines as per withdrawal policy (as per above). Students who miss the dates won’t be able to receive the refund.


For CPD single module  courses you will need to pay before the start of the term. If you take a  year-long  course you can pay in  installments. 

Please see for UCD fees here, IT Sligo fees here , TU Dublin fees here

Course Registration


Once your application has been approved by the Advance Centre and you are offered a place, you will be contacted by Advance with instructions on how to complete the registration process.

Completion of registration means that you  are part of the student community in the relevant College. You will be able to collect your student card which gives you access to various facilities i.e. Sport Centre in UCD and facilities in Atlantic TU and TU Dublin.

Whether you take an individual course  or full time/part time course with Advance Centre you will be registered as a student in the relevant college. 

Course Recognition

Yes, all qualifications are accredited by the relevant College with whom you take the course.All courses are at level 8 or 9 at  National Qualifications Framework (NFQ)

Yes , by taking courses with Advance Centre you are guaranteed that they are globally recognized. Each institution is a reputable HEA provider.

Students can apply to have prior learning recognised for the purposes of admission into a programme of study, or credit applied towards a programme of study  or transfer into or between programmes. Depending on the institution you selected you will be required to submit relevant documents to assess your eligibility. Please contact the team if you think about  applying 

Previous qualifications may count towards an overall MSc degree. Some programmes may have a built- in pathway programme consisting of a professional cert and diploma which would allow you to progress after successful completion of each lower level qualification to MSc. Other programmes may accept recognition of prior learning. Please contact the team if you think about  applying.

Study Options:

Most of the courses are offered via blended learning (combination of on campus and online learning), fully online, or on campus. The delivery mode can change each year.


Lecturers (module coordinators) can assess student coursework in the form of continuous assessment, group assignment ,end of the trimester exam. Each course has an individual course descriptor- once you select its name on the Advance website it will automatically bring you to the information on how you will be assessed.

Module Descriptions and Learning Outcomes

Simply select your chosen course/module and the details will be available on the relevant course/module website page.

Recognition of Prior Learning

To discuss any queries relation to RPL, please contact the Advance Centre at 

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