About the Advance Centre

The Advance Centre brings together academic experts and industry leaders from across the high-tech sector with the common goal of delivering a portfolio of modules and courses addressing Irish industry’s future skills needs in the digital arena.

Addressing Irish industry’s future skills needs in the digital arena. A key goal of the Centre is to support upskilling professional learners seeking flexible study options alongside full-time students.

Advance Centre is a partnership between University College Dublin, ATU Sligo, and TU Dublin.

Who We Are

The Centre is financially supported by the Higher Education Authority under the Human Capital Initiative Pillar 3. The Centre was founded in 2020 by University College Dublin, ATU Sligo and TU Dublin. Advance Centre modules and degree programmes are taught by:  

  • UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering
  • UCD School of Computer Science
  • UCD School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • UCD School of English, Drama and Film
  • UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
  • UCD School of Medicine
  • UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Design, ATU Sligo. 
  • TU Dublin School of TU Dublin Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Accredited digital transformation courses

delivered by UCD, ATU Sligo and TU Dublin

What We Do

The range of courses offered by the Advance Centre are in 11 specialised thematic areas;

  • Advanced Electronic System Design
  • AI for Medicine
  • Cyber Security
  • Data in Context
  • Data Science
  • Digital Agriculture
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Quantum Engineering
  • Software Engineering 

Our Team
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Profile image for Barry Twomey

Barry Twomey

Advance Centre Director, UCD
Profile image for Joanna Kozielec

Joanna Kozielec

Advance Centre Manager, UCD
Profile image for Dr Xavier Velay

Dr Xavier Velay

Advance Centre Project Lead, Atlantic Technological University, ATU Sligo
Profile image for Sinead O’Donovan

Sinead O’Donovan

Advance Centre Marketing Manager, Atlantic Technological University, ATU Sligo
Profile image for Mary Anne Culhane

Mary Anne Culhane

Advance Centre Education Technologist, UCD
Profile image for Louise O’Gorman

Louise O’Gorman

Advance Centre Manager, Atlantic Technological University, ATU Sligo
Profile image for  James Wright

James Wright

Advance Centre Programme Director, TU Dublin
Profile image for Chris Bleakley

Chris Bleakley

Advance Centre PI and Head of School of Computer Science, UCD
Profile image for Kenneth Stanton

Kenneth Stanton

Advance Centre PI and Professor, Head of School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Our enterprise partners

The founding industry Centre partners are:

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