Malware Analysis

This module teaches machine code reverse engineering (through disassembly) in order to equip learners with the ability and knowledge to perform their own research of unknown malicious software and to use the results of the performed analysis to draw credible conclusions from the available evidence.

Most modules require a 2.2 degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience.

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On successful completion of this module learners will be able to: 

● Learn key concepts and techniques of static reverse engineering
● x86 assembly programing
● Common code structures introduced by compilers
● Windows PE format
● Common approaches to reverse engineering using interactive disassembly and interactive
● Determining behavioural characteristics of a malware executable using dynamic analysis
● Practical skills with IDA Pro interactive disassembler, OllyDbg interactie debugger, Cuckoo Sandbox.



Learn from world renowned academic staff in Ireland’s leading, future focused and globally recognised colleges.

Gain an accredited NFQ qualification/micro credential that you may count towards a full award if you so wish in the future.

Previous modules may be used as recognition of prior learning towards Advance Centre degree programmes.

Equip yourself with the latest in demand skillset, tools, know-how and knowledge to succeed in your career.

Gain a competitive edge, influence growth and steer strategic goals in your organisation upon completion of your studies with the Advance Centre.

Yes, if you complete this module it can be credited as part of the MSc in Cybersecurity or Graduate Certificate 

Detailed Course Information

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