Soil Science Basics

This module is a basic introduction to soil science. Themes are: Soil Functions, Soil Components, Soil Structure, Soil Biology, Soil Water, Soils of Ireland, Soils of the World, Soil Colloids, Soil Acidity, Soil Nutrients, Soils and Climate

Most modules require a 2.2 degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience.

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N.B Required pre-requisitions CHEM00020 - Introductory Chemistry (Ag), CHEM10010 - Intro to Biomolecules, CHEM10040 - The Molecular World, CHEM10050 - Basis of Organic & Biol Chem, CHEM10060 - Phys & Inorg Chem

On successful completion of this module, the student is expected to be able to

1. the nature of soil, its constituents and how they are organised,

2. the main terms used to describe soil, and the major physical and chemical processes that have occurred during its formation and continue today.

3. Students will have been introduced to the role of soils in productive agriculture and other land management systems, and the contribution of soil management to sustainable production systems.

4. Practical skills in observing soil materials, and in describing them from a constrained technical

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Yes, if you complete this module it can be credited as part of the  MSc in Digtal Agriculture Full Time  or MSc in Digital Agriculture Part Time. 

Detailed Course Information

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