ME Management

The Masters of Engineering Management draws on resources from engineering, business and behavioural sciences in a programme designed to bridge the divide between engineering and management.

Accordion / FAQ component

Most degree courses require a 2.1 degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience. Should you have any queries regarding your eligibility for this degree, please contact us at

N.B. The MEM Programme is for engineering, science and technology graduates, who possess at least five years professional experience, who want to broaden their horizons beyond specialist technical areas and bridge the divide between engineering and management.

On completion of this module learners will be able to:

  • Argue articulately and persuasively using multiple forms of communication, to a range of audiences both specialist and non-specialist, senior and junior, with a view to disseminating knowledge and facilitating debate and effective decision making in organizations and wider society.
  • Assess academic and practitioner research related to engineering management in order to support problem solving and decision making processes, to pursue life-long learning and to facilitate continuous professional development.
  • Demonstrate the ability to undertake the senior leadership responsibilities and management of diverse teams across a range of engineering organisations and sectors.
  • Develop decision analysis, problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning skills in both quantitative and qualitative contexts. Justify decisions, incorporating ethical, social and commercial principles.
  • Relate expertise in the principles of engineering management and business organization to a wide range of sectors, incorporating the economic, environmental and social considerations relevant to engineering management practice.
  • Synthesise technical and business knowledge and skills in the design, implementation and management of complex engineering systems.

Learn from world renowned academic staff in Ireland’s leading, future focused and globally recognised colleges.

Gain an accredited NFQ qualification/micro credential that you may count towards a full award if you so wish in the future.

Previous modules may be used as recognition of prior learning towards Advance Centre degree programmes.

Equip yourself with the latest in demand skillset, tools, know-how and knowledge to succeed in your career.

Gain a competitive edge, influence growth and steer strategic goals in your organisation upon completion of your studies with the Advance Centre.

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