Webinar :Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Industry and Academia partnerships

Date: 10th June 2024

Time: 13-14 pm via Zoom (link in Registration below)

The UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy, and Sports Sciences in collaboration with the Advance Centre invites you to a webinar series on academia-industry collaborations in innovations in digital health and health data analytics. In this webinar we introduce the audience to key successes, impact on societies and opportunities for the future.

The webinar is supported by HealthTech Ireland association and UCD microcredentials.

Delivered by the faculty experts and industry leaders this webinar will focus  on the following topics:

Dr.  Cailbhe Doherty :

Topic: The Rise, Reality and Future of Wearable Technologies 

This presentation delves into the transformative journey and burgeoning influence of wearable technology on personal health and societal norms. The core of the presentation will explore the implications of wearable technology in various realms, including public health surveillance, personal health management, and societal impacts. The talk will also address critical issues surrounding the accuracy and validity of data collected by wearables, the challenges in keeping pace with rapid technological advancements, and the ethical considerations of data use and privacy.

Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy, Director, Government and Healthcare Advisory, PwC, and Chair of the Digital Health Working Group of HealthTech Ireland

Topic:  Digital Health Trends and Key Implementation Considerations

Increased application of technology across the healthcare sector is transforming the delivery and standard of care. This presentation will explore global trends driving the digital health landscape, including the workforce demands that are required to keep pace with these. Based on practical experience of delivering digital health solutions, key considerations that are critical to successful large scale implementations will also be discussed.

Prof Brian Caulfield, Professor of Physiotherapy, PI & Founding Director, INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics

Topic:  Experiences of Academic-Industry Collaboration.

"As an academic, I have collaborated with a variety of companies from Ireland and abroad of all shapes and sizes and sectors and it has had a massive impact on my career and my research focus.  In many cases it has facilitated a transition of research from the 'lab' right through to having a direct impact on patient's lives every day.  In this talk I will provide some reflections on my experiences of academic-industry collaboration, covering some of the highlights and otherwise of over 20 years of such collaborations.  I will also speak about some of the funding opportunities that are available to companies who are thinking about academic collaboration."

Susan Treacy  CEO, HealthTech Ireland/Industry

Topic: Delivering Healthcare Transformation: Collaborative Success in an Evolving Landscape

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly with the intersection of healthcare transformation, regulatory shifts, and sustainability imperatives. Amidst uncertainty, immense possibilities emerge. This presentation will reflect where we are now as a sector, emphasizing cross-sector dedication and commitment to healthcare system transformation and the key elements in delivering this, in the midst of unprecedented challenges. It will highlight the achievements resulting from collaborative efforts across the sector, the critical role of effective leadership and describe the next steps in transformation. By fostering an engaged ecosystem, as described in this presentation, we define our roles, align our strategies, and work hand in hand to deliver value that directly and positively impacts patients’ lives.

Q&A: Associate Professor Carla Perrotta, UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. The Academic Director of Health Data Analytics in Advance Centre, UCD

Webinar Chair: Dr Barry Twomey, Advance Centre




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