EU Year of Skills 2023 Evolving Skills landscape in digital healthcare Webinar 17th August 2023

Join us to listen to insightful talks is to give encouragement and provide the right guidance for anyone interested in upskilling or re-skilling in health science, healthcare innovation and associated technologies.

In response to the government initiative in support of the European Year of Skills 2023, the Advance Centre will be hosting a webinar on 17th August from 1 pm -2 pm on “Evolving Skills landscape in digital healthcare - EU Year of Skills 2023”


Healthcare is an example of a sector that is experiencing massive transformation and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.  In areas like digitalisation in health care, AI, health data technologies and innovation, the future is today.

According to research done by the World Economic Forum over the next 5 years, companies must put emphasis on identifying relevant skills to promote growth and make informed decisions on managing the significant disruptions to jobs and skills for employers. Talent acquisition will be the key and the most crucial factor in overcoming the main barriers to transforming their business. The provision of short flexible courses has the potential to accelerate skills-based talent management and open new pipelines of talent.

The webinar will start with the keynote address from the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. Next, it will introduce our experts from academia, the health sector and industry who will discuss the issues and difficulties around digital health development and data analytics in this sector and what needs to be done to address these gaps and solutions.

In addition, we will talk about the vital importance of the transversal skills, such as creative thinking, health literacy, personal agility, and communicative competence, in our personal and professional lives, and discuss how cultivating these is key to thriving in an increasingly unscripted world.


  • Emma Kinsella - Deputy Head  of the Skills Policy and Enterprise Engagement Unit in the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science          
  • Prof. Neil O’Hare -Professor of Health Informatics at UCD School of Public Health / Chief Information Officer – Children’s Health Ireland           
  • Dr. Ciarán Dunne -Transversal Skills Director for Dublin City University
  • Dr Richéal Burns - Lecturer in Health Information Technology at the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) and the Associate Director of the Health and Biomedical Research Centre (HEAL)

For more information about EU Year of Skills and other events please visit Year of Skills 2023.

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