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Career and Learning Pathways from ATU is a service available to people in the workplace, returners to education, entrepreneurs seeking to upskill and people looking to accelerate their career and progress within their organisation.

When learners or employers engage with they gain access to:

  • Qualified Career Guidance Professionals
  • Scientific Strengths Assessments
  • Skills Gap Assessments
  • E-Learning Platform
  • Career Development Plan


For Learners

Learners benefit from 4 x 30-minute meetings with a career guidance expert where they will be guided through a range of career development, strength, and motivation assessments. From there their Career Advisors will create their career development plan, this will include a set of e-learning programmes designed to support their career development and bridge any transversal skills gaps. Learners are encouraged to employ long term career planning and will be advised on any ATU programmes that could support their career goals.



For Employers is a flexible programme that has been designed to work with a wide variety of sectors and employee roles.  We know that job satisfaction is linked to improved performance, the more satisfied the employee the better their performance, leading to better organisational output.

By helping your employees understand their strengths, motivations, and weaknesses we put them on the path to recognising how they can enhance their careers within your organisation, from learning how to communicate effectively through to stepping up for leadership roles.

We meet with organisations to understand their needs and unique challenges, be it readying employees for upskilling, developing a leadership pipeline or engaging employees with internal progression opportunities.


Recognition for Prior Learning     

MyCareerPath incorporates a Recognition of Prior Learning Pathway (RPL). Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process by which prior learning is formally valued. It is a means by which prior learning is identified, assessed, and recognised by an educational institution as part of their programmes, courses, and/or modules on the National Framework of Qualifications. This makes it possible for an individual to build on learning achieved and to be rewarded for it.

The RPL Coordinators will assist MyCareerPath learners in understanding RPL and if it is applicable to their course choice, the process of applying for RPL and the submission of their RPL portfolio. The RPL Coordinators are closely aligned to the National RPL Project.

For more information visit or contact

Eileen Larkin

Career and Learning Pathways Business Liaison Officer and Career and Learning Pathways including RPL is supported by funding from the HCI under Pillar 3.


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