Full-time Degrees

The Advance Centre offers full-time certificate, diploma, and Master’s degrees. Full-time Masters programmes typically take one to two years.

Who is Full-Time Study Suitable For?

An Advance Centre Full-time Degree is for you if you:

  • want to study for an accredited graduate-level qualification full-time
  • want to study on-campus
  • have a primary degree
  • want the flexibility of choosing between certificate, diploma, and Masters qualifications
  • want to learn from experts in the field

You can browse the full catalogue of full-time degrees here.

Most courses require a 2.1 degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience.

Should you have any queries regarding your eligibility for a module, please contact us at info@advancecentre.ie

A 5-credit module is typically 1 trimester (15 weeks) in duration and involves 125 hours of student work in the case of study-for-credit. Full-time participants take 6 modules per trimester.
Awards are typically offered on completing the following credit requirements:

5-10 ECTS: Certificate of Continuing Professional Development

20 ECTS: Graduate Certificate

60 ECTS: Graduate Diploma

90 ECTS: Masters

As an Advance Centre Learner on a UCD programme, you are a fully registered UCD student, with a student card and access to all the facilities and supports available to other students.

Accredited digital transformation courses

delivered by UCD, ATU Sligo and TU Dublin

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